Banking and savings management app made for BoilerMake 2017. Created by Evan Klein, Sam Javed, and Mitch Palin

Version: v0.5

Status: Completed

Technologies used: Java, Android, Capital One Nessie Hackathon API, Android Web Services, DynamoDB

This Android app was developed by me (Evan Klein), and my two teammates Sam Javed and Mitch Palin for BoilerMake 2017, Purdue University's largest hackathon. The application is a mix of banking and money management, allowing users to create tabs under their savings account in order to track their savings better and prioritize spending. Using Pluto, users can specify these tabs for certain goals.

My role in the project was database management and connection. I used AWS DynamoDB to create a database, and wrote a tool with Java so that users' banking information could be saved to and loaded from the database seamlessly. Our team worked on the project for over 24 hours before completing and submitting to the judges.