Interactive meal planning and health maintenance application. Developed for our Fall 2018 Development Seminar class

Version: 1.0.0

Status: Completed

Technologies used: ReactJS, Ruby on Rails, Bootstrap, PostgreSQL, Yelp Fusion API

MealTime was developed for our semester-long CS 307 project at Purdue University in Fall 2018.

The project seeks to combine budgeting and healthy meal planning to allow users to eat both cheap and healthy. Important features include daily tracking of nutrients and calories, daily budget, setting user goals, creating and sharing recipes with widely used ingredients, and finding local restaurants that are in a specific area or under a certain price.

I served as team leader for all three sprints and SCRUM master for the first sprint. Our team consisted of six developers, and we utilized Agile and SCRUM methodologies throughout the semester. For technologies, we used Ruby on Rails, ReactJS, Bootstrap, and PostgreSQL. As of now, no further plans are in place to continue the project.