Infinity Table with TabLED

Infinity Table with TabLED

Creating an infinity table with an old coffee table and neopixels.

Version: 1.0

Status: In-Progress

Technologies used: Adafruit Neopixels, Raspberry Pi, Raspbian, Python, rpi_ws281x

I built this because I thought it would be a fun, Summer project. I found the table at Goodwill for $15 and knew it would be perfect. The inside of the table is lined with individually addressable Neopixel LEDs from Adafruit, and uses a mirror and a two-way sheet of acrylic to create the infinity effect.

I also wrote a short command line interface for modifying the lights called TabLED. TabLED is a wrapper for the drivers to make them easily usable from the command line, though I'm currently working on a web interface to change the lights from so that this is no longer necessary.

The project is still in progress and I plan on working on it for quite a while.