In-class educational management and participating tool for faculty and students

Version: 1.0

Status: Closed

Technologies used: Angular 2, Typescript, Material, Ruby, Rails, MySQL

There are many different tools and technologies used by both students and teachers in the classroom. Popular options like Gradescope, Blackboard, iClickers, Hotseat, and Tophat are all excellent resources, but oftentimes functionality from one application may not be available in another, forcing teachers to combine technologies and creating headaches for themselves and students. InClass seeks to solve this problem by combining features of these applications to create a well-rounded in-class management and participating system. Included features include document upload, in-class quiz sessions, slide viewing and following along, attendance check-in, grade viewing, and much more.

This project was created as a part of Purdue University's class on testing and software development (CS 408). In the class, I worked on a team of 4 (myself, Patrick Sullivan, Case Wright, Patrick Fortunato) to develop the application and learn more about testing, Agile development practices, and software development.