Hide images inside of other images using steganography.

Version: 0.37

Status: Closed

Technologies used: Java

Several years ago I read an article about the United States government relaying secret messages to agents using a form of cryptography known as steganography. While they may seem very similar to each other, the key difference is that with steganography the message itself is not obviously distinguished. Not only is information hidden, the fact that it is hidden is hidden.

Stegory is my attempt to create a tool that allows anybody to use steganography. Using a modified version of the least significant bit steganography algorithm, I managed to create an application that allows for easy encryption and decryption of images. Users are able to hide images inside of other images, as well as decode those very same images from their carrier image. I have a more detailed explanation of my algorithm in this blog post.

Stegory is currently no longer in development, but is not necessarily finished either. I do plan on revisiting the application to finish and refine it, but for now the app will remain closed.